Institutional Policy

Our vision

We aim to become a centre of choice and a regional leader in specialised rehabilitation, while emphasising our role in the realm of the promotion of physical and mental health, by capitalising both on our competencies and on our ethical, Christian values.

Our mission

True to our tradition, our mission is to care for patients in a wholistic manner, from prevention to treatment, while taking into consideration the individual’s biological, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

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Our services are offered to adults who may be inpatients, outpatients, sick, or who may wish to improve their health. They include:

  • cardio-vascular rehabilitation
  • neurological, orthopedic and rheumatological rehabilitation
  • psychiatry compatible with an open clinic
  • internal medicine, oncological rehabilitation and follow-up of treatments
  • health promotion and education

Our values

Our spiritual values. We express these through our holistic approach of the individual, through the respect for his/her values and beliefs, through our determination to be a resource in his/her therapeutic process and through our attention to the emerging needs of the surrounding community. They are rooted in the founding principles of Christianity and built upon the example of Jesus Christ. The Spiritual Pledge, which is part and parcel of the Pledge of Quality, describes this philosophy.

We wish to implement the values found in the rich tradition of medical care and promotion of health highlighted by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Our pledge

Our patients, who are our partners by their free and enlightened consent, are at the very center of our concern. They receive appropriate care, which respects both their intimate sphere and dignity, in a safe and pleasant environment.

When requesting assisted suicide, our physicians explore in collaboration with the patient all the possible alternatives, especially those related to palliative care. If the patient persists in his will, the therapeutic team will coordinate for a return home.

Within the limits of scientific knowledge, of structural, political, and economic constraints, our programs are formulated and implemented so as to obtain the best possible results in health, well-being, and quality of life. In this same framework, we wish to offer our patients the highest level of safety in healthcare and satisfaction.

Our employees are our most valuable capital. We wish to promote their professional development and interdisciplinary communication by allowing each member of the staff to develop his/her professional competencies (through vocational training, etc.) and to share in the mission and objectives of our institution in the service of our patients.

We implement a transparent human resources policy, favouring the participation, giving first place to clear expectations and respect of the individual’s physical, psycho-social, and spiritual integrity in the respect of his/her own convictions and values. We seek a high level of safety and health for all our employees.

Our partners are: the state, the insurers, the umbrella associations which represent our interests, the networks of medical care, the people or organization which refer us patients, and the surrounding hospitals and clinics. These are privileged partners with whom we wish to develop a relationship of trust and cooperation. We wish to find the right balance between the satisfaction of their expectations and the implementation of our mission in an ongoing effort to reduce costs.

Our management, aiming at excellence, rests upon a socio-economic approach of quality in the respect of all norms, requirements and good practices, linked to our mission (ISO, etc.). We are within a structure which allows a continuous improvement of the quality of our health products, and of our qualitative, quantitative, financial, and environmental results.

Clinique La Lignière, by the signature of the national quality contract, participates in the implementation of a national measures plan for evaluating the quality for the care of patients in rehabilitation and Psychiatry, coordinated by the national association for the development of the quality in hospitals and clinics (ANQ).

The transversal processes of Quality, Hygiene, Safety, Environment, and Health in the working place are among our priorities, toward our employees as well as our patients, the patrons of the Health Center and the users of our clinic. They are part and parcel of our management.

We respect the legal, statutory, contractual, and normative obligations as well as the best practices used in all our activities and in our relationship with third parties.

Each employee is a partner in the implementation of this approach within the institution and performs its function according to the highest requirements in its branch in line with the expectations of patients.

At planned and regular intervals, a controlling body reviews the results obtained, analyzes the differences, sets the goals for the following period and decides the means to be implemented.

Our environment is an important element of our holistic philosophy and is integrated in our daily management. In the prospect of an ongoing development, our environmental policy is implemented with the participation of our employees, our patients, the customers of the Health Center and the users of our site. The management of our forest is included in this approach. Our commitment is translated as an environmental strategy which includes the control of our environmental impacts, the follow-up of our consumption of natural resources (fuel oil, water, and electricity), an improved management of our waste (recycling and re-use) and the capacity to mobilize the necessary resources in the case of accidents.

Our vision of the promotion of health consists in placing at the disposal of our employees, patients, patrons of the Health Center and users of our clinic, information, counsel, and services in the realm of health and well-being in nutrition, life style, physical activity and relaxation. This vision is implemented particularly through the activities offered by the Acquaforme® Health Center, the dietary service and the unit of promotion of health.

Clinique La Lignière adheres to the UN Global Compact and is committed to observe the ten universal principles of the initiative.

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